VHL5 - 5th Regional Coordination Meeting of the VHL

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About VHL5

Welcome to VHL5

Welcome to the BVS5

The Regional Coordination Meeting of the Virtual Health Library (VHL) , the most important  forum for the personal exchange of individuals and institutions from the cooperative network  as producers intermediaries and users of scientific and technical information in the VHL. On September 14, 15 and 16, previous to the CRICS8 Congress, the 5th Meeting, named BVS5, will take place.

The VHL construction is collective and an integral part of the research, teaching and service systems in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its objective is to promote equitable access to information and knowledge on health and to develop national and institutional capacities to manage sources and flows of information as basic conditions to increase the efficiency, efficacy, quality and transparence of healthcare systems.

The VHL model contributes to provide information about contexts and processes related to collective and individual health; in other words, the decisions and activities should be supported by access to and use of updated scientific, technical and factual information and knowledge.  The collective process of construction of VHL is based on the cooperative development of products, services, and information events, as regional and global public goods in the context of the cooperative networks. In this context one of the VHL lines of action is to develop colaborative spaces in the theme of health.

The purpose of the Regional Coordination Meeting is to analyze the current progression of the VHL at regional, national, thematic and institutional levels to promote the interchange of progresses, dificulties, solutions and innovations to contribute to the recomendations for the future development.

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