VHL5 - 5th Regional Coordination Meeting of the VHL

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About VHL5

Structure and Working Groups

Structure and Working Groups

BVS5, as the previous meetings, will have plenary sessions, during 14th and in afternoon 16th September.† All the working groups will meet in during 15th and in morning of 16th.

The plenary session on September 14 aims to present a panoramic view of regional and international network on scientific and technical information including the VHL, SciELO, ScienTI, CVSP, sPORTUGUESe, Global Health Library and EVIPNet, including a presentation of the VHL Brazil as the host country.

The working groups are designed to address specific areas and topics in developing the VHL and to put forward action lines and recommendations to improve and strengthen the VHL. The recommendations are usually intended to be implemented and to cause impact for the next two years.

The purpose of the plenary session at the afternoon of September 16 is to present and discuss the recommendations provided by the working groups, which will guide the development of the VHL in the next two years. It will be also discussed and approved the Declaration of Rio of Janeiro about Information and Knowledge for Innovation in Health.