VHL5 - 5th Regional Coordination Meeting of the VHL

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5th. Regional Coordination Meeting of the VHL


BIREME is promoting a more participatory process for the 5th Regional Meeting of the Virtual Health Library (VHL5), that will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 14 to 16 of September 2008, preceding the CRICS8,††with a program to share the state of the VHL development in the regional area, in the countries and in thematic areas.†

The participatory process of the VHL5 will extend over from April to August 2008 with on line presentations of BIREME and the countries on the VHL development in the regional area, in the countries and in thematic areas. These presentations will be done via Elluminate considering a program that should be followed and discussed by the entire VHL network.†

The objective is a jointly production of an analysis and evaluation of the VHL considering its development, its achievements, the faced difficulties, experiences, lessons learned, the challenges, the perspectives and mainly the construction of a vision of future that strengthens the condition of the VHL as the reference space and public good of information and knowledge.†

The presentations of each country should reflect the state of the art of the national or thematic VHL network, its perspectives, and action plans for future development. The preparation of the presentations should consider the participation of the members of the networks in the country. Each country will have 30 minutes for their presentations, summarizing the main and differentiated aspects of the VHL in the country, and more 20 minutes for the discussion with the participation of BIREME and representatives of the other countries of the VHL network.†

In addition to the on line meetings, a forum and a blog of the VHL5 will be set. The program and the contents generated in the sessions via Elluminate, as well as in the forum and blog will be accessible in the VHL5 Portal:

The contribution of†the†countries†in this participatory process of the VHL5 is very important for the entire network which will contribute for the consolidation of the VHL as the space of information and scientific communication throughout the Region.†

Please confirm your participation by e-mailing††Take a look at†the online meetings agenda and country report presentations.

VHL5, Executive Coordination
CRICS8 Participates