VHL5 - 5th Regional Coordination Meeting of the VHL

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WHO Family of International Classifications Meeting

Terms of reference

WHO Family of International Classifications: Latin American and Caribbean expectations for the upcoming revisions
The international classifications in the health area have an ongoing process for periodic updates and revisions, that must follow the evolution of knowledge and technology, in accordance with the requirements for the use of the classifications.

Two classifications, in particular, are in the process of developing new revisions:
- The ICD-10, International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Tenth Revision, with the preparation of ICD-11;
- The ICPM, International Classification of Procedures in Medicine. In this case, the only edition, from the 1970's, should be replaced by a new version, already in development, and named provisionally “International Classification of Health Interventions.”

Considering what was mentioned, the initiative to promote this discussion forum is of the utmost importance to permit that the desired characteristics for the new revisions of these classifications can be defined by Latin America and the Caribbean Region, to ensure that their needs are considered, as well as correcting any problems with the current versions.

Another important aspect to be discussed refers to terminology, since the international classifications often do not use the appropriate terminology, and this is sometimes worsened in the process of translating the original version (usually English), into the language of each country.

The expected results of the meeting are:
1 – Bring both general and specific recommendations to PAHO and WHO.
2 - Define a strategy for joint work on terminology and classifications.